Akshaya Thridiya Kanakadhara Yanjam

(16 April 2018 to 20 April 2018)

Akshaya Thridiya Kanakadhara Yanjam Kanaka Dhara Sthothram is re-recited for all of us at them temple of Lakshmy Pathy, with the currentsuccessor of the blessed fortunes from family of Swarnathu Mana, decorating 'Agrasthanam'. Successors of Pazhoor Mana, the family of Sree Sankara's maternal uncle, Thalayattumpilly and Kappilly Manas the only 2 out of 10 Namboothiri families now existing at Kalady, also are participating.

This year we are conducting Kanaka Dhara Yanjam from 16 April 2018 to 20 April 2018. Devotees can receive prasadam on Akshaya Tridiya Day, (April 18th 2018) the best time of the year to get blessed gold. The crystal charged with Kanaka Dhara Sthothram chants covered with Gold is called the Golden Amalka and is available for those blessed devotees. One could wear this as a locket in their chain or can keep in the pooja room. Sree Sankara Jayanthi Day will be celebrated on April 20th 2018. Your presence in the unique holy event, hearing of the hymns and darshan of merciful Thrikkaladyappan, Sri Krishna is the greatest for fortune.All are invited.