Sri Krishna - Thrikaladyappan - has always been prime refuge of Adi Sankara, being his Kula Deva.  Once in childhood days of Sankara, his beloved mother Arya Devi fainted on the way to river Periyar (Poorna) while going for her routine bath.  Helpless, little Sankara with tears took refuge of his Kula Deva Sri Krishna, who blessed: "the river will flow where you mark with your feet".  Instantly the innocent child marked with his feet on the ground before Krishna, and mighty Periyar changed its course through the marking, touching lotus foot of Krishna and getting consecrated.  The risk of mile long walk of Arya Devi for daily river bath was resolved with the blessing of Lord Krishna.  
The village "Sasalam" became Kalady ('foot marked') and blessed Apat Bandhavan became Thri Kalady Appan (Lord of Kalady) with the holy ghat became "arattukadavu".  Sankara did Puna: Prathishta of Sree Krishna deity to the present divine shrine on that Thiruvonam day of Thulam in AD 795.  

Another instance of Sankara, taking refuge of Thri Kalady Appan was while going for "biksha" as part of Upanayanam.  He came across the house of an old lady who had nothing but a dried amalka to offer for biksha with her burning tears of helpless poverty.  Deeply touched and moved by her condition, once again he took refuge of his Krishna and with his poetic hymn "Kanakadharasthavam Sthothram".  As the 19th sloka concluded, the golden amalkas of fortune and prosperity showered into the doorsteps of that poor lady.  The house got famous as Swarnath (gold) Mana.  

The magnificent slokas of Kanakadhara Sthavam is especially noticeable for its poetic touch.  Sankara in each of its 19 slokas opted to refer Lakshmy Devi, just like her shy look towards Vishnu, indirectly as His wife also to Mukunda Krishna, Thrikaladyappan.

The trustees of Kalady Devaswom place humble namaskaraas for continued blessings and patronage of Sri Sri Sringeri Sarada Peetham and Thekkemadhom Moopil Swamiyar.