Kalady the holy pilgrim centre on the banks of River (Poorna) in the central Kerala is the most revered and sacred pilgrim centre of our land, sanctified by the holy birth of AdiShankara. An incarnation of Bhagavan Sri Krishnan this little beautiful village attracts thousands of pilgrims from all places. Adi Sankara Upheld the upanishadic tradition and advaita thought and firmly established the sanathana Dharma.

Kalady Temple is under the “Kalady Devaswom” owned by two Namboodiri families who where the only families who assisted Sankara in cremation of the body of beloved mother in from the 10 Nambudiri families existed in Kalady at those times. Head (thala) and feet (kal) parts of the body of mother was lifted to the holy pire by the members of these families. The families got renamed as Thala ettum (Head Lifting ) pilly and Kapilly (Leg) Manas respectively from Pookkaad and Edamana .